Our 2 groups:

Our groups are split into two age groups.

  • 3-6 years – „Casa dei Bambini“ group
  • 6 years and onwards (up to  12 years): „Primaria“ – Elementary school


„Casa dei Bambini“:

  • This is where it gets fascinating. It is incredible what your children can learn at this age! The children choose what they work on.
  • At this time, we introduce multilingual language (english, indonesian, optionally japanese) the beginnings of mathand culturegeography, art, music and more. There is no boredom here.
  • Of course, we also continue to support the children in aspects of everyday life. Pouring, working with tweezers or kitchen appliances all requires fine motor skills that your child can practice and develop here.
  • In addition, the children learn how to move in social groups– they learn how to share, work together and help each other.

Community and Learning

The entire facility is tailored to the size and possibilities of your children and invites them to linger, play and keep busy.

Your children can learn all the practical things in life – washing, cleaning, watering plants and much more. Or, to take care of themselves – wash their hands, dress themselves, and prepare food.

Reading, Writing and Arithmetic

Most children learn to write, read and learn the basics of arithmetic in the children’s‘ house. Not because we push them, but because the children want to learn and are usually extremely inquisitive.

We encourage and support the children’s‘ desire to learn in every way.




„Primaria“  – Elementary School, 6 – 12 Jahre


Learning through Presentations

The teachers in elementary school (and, incidentally, already in the children’s‘ house) observe your child and know where they are and what the next step in their learning can be.

In the presentations, to which the children are either invited or come to independently because they are interested, new learning areas are introduced. The children decide whether to take up the topic immediately or later.

The materials appeal to all the children’s senses and allow them to absorb even abstract and complex content in a playful and straightforward manner.

Also Communication plays a significant role in our classroom – not only in terms of words but also through music and other art forms.


Personal Development – With Discipline

Learning is personal development. That is our principle, which best describes the educational concept of Sekolah Montessori ERDKINDER Bali. According to the latest brain research, we all learn very individually. The logical conclusion for us: We create an environment that enables all children to find their OWN learning path.

With love and discipline – for independent and sustainable learning!